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“Call me Peroni, I will be your beer” was the slogan of the Peroni commercial from the 70s, pronounced by a blonde girl, an icon of beauty and sensuality. The classic blonde is desirable just like a nice mug of “blonde”, the light and fresh beer. In those years, sex appeal was fundamental in advertising. Everything that was supposed to attract and desire was combined with a beautiful woman considered the main object of attraction and interest of every man. In visual language the use of the woman-object as a means of communication for almost always commercial purposes was thus defined. Today, however, many women are fighting against this linguistic figure with the aim of redesigning their image and conquering a different role. Times have changed and the target of beer consumers has also changed which, if once aimed at a male audience, now attracts an equally important segment of women. Not only blonde women but also redheads, brunettes, women from all over the world, dark, yellow, white, short, tall women. Therefore, taking advantage of the numerous variations of Peroni beer now exported all over the world, I decided to relaunch the products in can format, associating each type of beer with women from all over the world, modifying the slogan just enough to convey a vision completely new message idea: "Call it Peroni, it's our beer."




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