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Since I was a little child, I have always loved beautiful things; it was a game to empathize with aesthetics to capture beauty. Childhood characterized my way of working. Devoid of conditioning, a young mind is freer and more predisposed to discovery. Preserving it inside me keeps this game alive; for this reason, I still play. In fact, I have created a design book inspired by childhood and the simplicity of communicating.

I love to create, transform and convey messages, but I can't focus on just one way to do it. I borrow a vision and imprint it with a new point of view in an attempt to reveal something different. Likewise, I often change tools; multifacetedness helps me establish a more humane contact without stylistic preconceptions.

I like drawing and photography, movement and stasis, sound, silence, bright colours but not too bright, stones, light on but not too dazzling, animals, kindness in people, words, but above all looking for a more intimate relationship with the nature of all these things. For example, when I have to choose words to describe myself, or better when I have to find myself in terms, sometimes I strip and fill them with a new sense, and I seem to discover their most appropriate meaning only then.


So I wanted to find a name for my portfolio site and after a while I realized to have found the right meaning in a word. In this word all I needed to show was a place, maybe my place, where everything loses shape to take new shape. In the search for this place, I set my eyes up so I could not help thinking about the void, the collisions, the creations and the end of the word 'universe', I turned my eyes "inward" to arrive in the place where I was,

the unireverse! 

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