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The challenge is to bring Coca Cola to the tables of Italians in their everyday meals. Because what Italians have in common is feeling part of their regions and local traditions, we created the first Coca Cola campaign that focuses on regionality to make Italians feel part of a united territory: Italy.


PHASE 1: Outdoors Copyad based on the pairing of two regional dishes. The first linked to street food, already consumed with Coca Cola, the second linked to a first course, with which Coca Cola is not usually drunk. The line is written in the dialect of the region to which the dishes belong and each poster will be placed in its respective region.


PHASE 2: Activation The interactive dispensers will be positioned in some bus stops in Milan, Rome and Naples. People will be able to interact with them and receive a free can of Coca Cola simply by selecting their "favorite dish" which is the standard-bearer of each Italian region. An infographic will appear below with the respective percentages of how many times users selected those dishes on the device. This operation will serve to raise awareness of those users whose favorite dish does not correspond to their region, thus widening the boundaries linked to their territoriality. The activation will also serve to promote the "Hostaria Coca Cola" event.


PHASE 3: Event In three of the largest squares in Italy (Milan, Rome and Naples) a temporary structure will be created (duration: 1 weekend) in which there will be 20 stands, one for each region. At each of these stands, a chef with his team will prepare one of the dishes involved in the campaign. People will be able to: consult the brochure, wander freely and taste the dishes they prefer, buy them wherever they want and above all share a moment of warmth and togetherness with friends and relatives. Furthermore, special edition cans and bottles will be distributed throughout Italy where a regional saying regarding food will be present.








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